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    Post by Patrick11 on Sun Nov 29 2009, 12:19

    One Piece Manga Chapter 562: "Pirate Great Swirling Spider Squad"

    The sudden appearance of the Pacifistas led by Sentoumaru shock the pirates and the public watching. Originally intending to trap the pirates in the bay with the Pacifistas, Whitebeard's previous order to scatter the crews prevented this. Regardless, Sengoku orders them to begin their onslaught from the rear while the marines attack from the front in a two-prong vertical attack. In response, Whitebeard shouts for the pirates to ignore the Pacifista attacks and rush towards the platform which Sengoku orders for it be to defended at all costs. Sengoku then calls for the images to be cut so they can begin the rout alongside Ace's execution. Luffy, hearing this, hurries forward but is confronted by Kizaru and kicked back. Jinbei stops him from flying too far back and several of Whitebeard's squad captains attack Kizaru together. Meanwhile, Moria fights 10th Squad Captain Curiel while Mihawk and Vista agree to temporarily halt their fight. One of the cameras is still left on, having been stolen by Buggy and his legion of Impel Down prisoners. They begin a sort of interview, having to take a second take because Buggy's nose was bleeding. On the Moby Dick, the earlier missing Squad returns and converses with Whitebeard who says he shall attack with the rest of them. Suddenly, Squad stabs Whitebeard through the chest, stunning everyone.



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