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    Devils Fruit: Which one you will eat?


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    default Devils Fruit: Which one you will eat?

    Post by moralr on Tue Jul 15 2008, 18:13

    First topic message reminder :

    I like Moku Moku no Mi(smoke) ,Flare Flare Fruit(fire) and Gumo Gumo Fruit(rubber)

    what about u?

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    default Re: Devils Fruit: Which one you will eat?

    Post by M0SSIM0 on Sat Sep 12 2009, 16:26

    Mero Mero No Mi inlove

    LOVE LOVE Fruit sick


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    default Re: Devils Fruit: Which one you will eat?

    Post by Stark on Sun Sep 20 2009, 02:00

    Rumble Fruit Or Gura Gura...

    pang LORD po yan..ahahahaha Big Grin

    sa mga nkalimut Rumble fruit is the fruit Eneru/Enel ate...Wink

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    default Re: Devils Fruit: Which one you will eat?

    Post by DatSoRaven on Tue Sep 22 2009, 12:16

    un kay Wb ano name ng devil fruit?


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    default Re: Devils Fruit: Which one you will eat?

    Post by Sponsored content

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